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Feel Your Room Co.,Ltd is a modern-contemporary architectural practice established in 2004 by two architects with the intention to deliver the utmost “essence of space”. As all building’s built has its own unique objective therefore we aim to create space, room, building, etc. with the feeling of itself to fulfill our client’s satisfaction as we called “FeelUrRoom”.

The company offers variety of architectural services such as Residential (Private house, Project development) and Public building. The company also provides counseling on the feasibility and viability of a project, and on prospects for its development and management to work with clients from the beginning of a project until its successful completion.

Attention to all elements, proportions, and scale, together with experiences ensure the finished product fully develops the finest concept. We believe good design is produced from the understanding and careful study with client’s design program so each step of a project, we work closely with client and all partner since the conceptual through preliminary and detailed design, working plans and drawings with the construction and management of the project until it has been completed to the client’s satisfaction.

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